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Congratulations to the following songs for being voted for the "Best of Butterflies Radio" EPK.


Elizabeth by The Dunwell Brothers Band 24.3%
Beautiful Killer by Fracture 23.2%
Maybe You Should by Taylor Hicks 16.2%
She by Lee MacDougall 5.8%
Headless Fake by Sonora 5.6%
We Got Love by Chad Cavanaugh 4.7%
Finally by Kevin Miso 4.1%
Low by Opposite the Satellite 4.0%
Beautiful Woman by Joe Alega 2.3%
Stone by Donna Fullman 2.1%

We will announce when the EPK is available!



Twitter Tuesday LIVE!

Join us every Tuesday at 8:00pm EST for two hours with the owner of Butterflies Radio, Mark. He features his favorite tunes for the week and takes requests through mentions at Twitter!

If you give us a mention @allindie on Twitter, during the show, Mark will give you a live mention on the air!

If you're a musician or band, mention us and Mark will queue up one of your songs! If we don't have your music, send us your high quality MP3s to music@butterfliesradio.com!

Missed the live broadcast? No problem! You can listen to it any time by streaming or downloading our podcast! (New episodes are usually uploaded with 48 hours after the show.)

Featured Video - Broni - "Made Up My Mind "

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